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Question 1:
What role did Cyril Scott play in the movie Arizona?
Henry Canby
Lt. Denton
Ben Teller
Colonel Frank Bonham

Question 2:
Who played Lt. Denton the movie Arizona?
William Conklin
William Holden
Robert Broderick
Douglas Fairbanks

Question 3:
What role did John Wayne play in the movie Arizona?
Bryan Teller
Judge Bogardus
Lt. Bob Denton

Question 4:
Which of the following came before Arizona?

Question 5:
What role did George Chandler play in the movie Arizona?
Henry Canby
Ben Teller
Haley - Ward Henchman

Question 6:
What role did Mike Elling play in the movie Arizona?
Ben Teller
Lt. Denton
Colonel Frank Bonham

Question 7:
Who played Jefferson Carteret the movie Arizona?
Warren William
Douglas Fairbanks
Warren William
Robert Broderick

Question 8:
What role did Jacqueline Castro play in the movie Arizona?
Phoebe Titus
Tamarah Watts
Mrs. Canby

Question 9:
What is directly west of Arizona?

Question 10:
What role did William Conklin play in the movie Arizona?
Capt. Hodgman
Jefferson Carteret
Henry Canby
Ben Teller

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