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Arity: Quiz


Question 1: In ________ and in logic, arity is sometimes called valency, not to be confused with valency in graph theory.

Question 2: The twos complement, address reference and the ________ operators are examples of unary operators in math and programming.
Truth tableLogical connectiveNegationExclusive or

Question 3: For example, rather than saying "the arity of the ________ operation is 2" or "addition is an operation of arity 2" one usually says "addition is a binary operation".
Algebraic structureAdditionVector space0 (number)

Question 4: The same is true for programming languages, where functions taking several arguments could always be defined as functions taking a single argument of some complex type such as a ________, or in languages with higher-order functions, by currying.
Natural numberTupleSet theorySet (mathematics)

Question 5: The latter are important examples which usually also exist in "purely" functional ________.
Functional programmingProgramming languageComputerProgramming paradigm

Question 6: From C, C++, C#, Java, ________ and variants comes the ternary operator ?:, which is a so-called conditional operator, taking three parameters.
PerlPHPPython (programming language)Lua (programming language)

Question 7: In general, the naming of functions or operators with a given arity follows a convention similar to the one used for n-based numeral systems such as binary and ________.
Roman numeralsHebrew numeralsDuodecimalHexadecimal

Question 8: In ________, depending on the branch, arity may be called type, adicity or rank.
GeometryMathematicsMathematical logicSet theory

Question 9: All functions in lambda calculus and in some ________ (especially those descended from ML) are technically unary, but see n-ary below.
Programming paradigmImperative programmingDeclarative programmingFunctional programming

Question 10: One combines a ________ prefix with the -ary ending; for example:
Roman EmpireVulgar LatinLatinOld Latin

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