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Question 1:
What is the chemical name of Aripiprazole (IUPAC)
7-[4-piperazin-1-yl butoxy]- 3,4-dihydro- 1H-quinolin- 2-one

Question 2:
How is Aripiprazole excreted?
94% through the urine, 6% through feces
primarily in the feces, systemically absorbed drug is excreted in the urine
feces and urine
Urine and feces

Question 3: Solution, oral: 1 mg/mL (150 mL) [contains propylene glycol, sucrose 400 mg/mL, and ________ 200 mg/mL; orange cream flavor]

Question 4: ________) these metabolic enzymes are known to increase and decrease, respectively, plasma levels of aripiprazole.
OxcarbazepineMirtazapineCarbamazepineEslicarbazepine acetate

Question 5: aliphatics: ________# • Levomepromazine/Methotrimeprazine • Promazine • Triflupromazine •

Question 6: Bioavailability of the oral tablets is about 90% and the drug undergoes extensive hepatic metabolization (dehydrogenation, hydroxylation, and N-dealkylation), principally by the enzymes ________ and CYP3A4.

Question 7: ________ (While taking aripiprazole some elderly patients with dementia have suffered from stroke or 'mini' stroke.)
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosisSubarachnoid hemorrhageCerebral aneurysmStroke

Question 8: ________ (Combination of fever, muscle stiffness, faster breathing, sweating, reduced consciousness, and sudden change in blood pressure and heart rate.)
Neuroleptic malignant syndromeSerotonin syndromeParkinson's diseaseRestless legs syndrome

Question 9: piperidines: Mesoridazine • ________/Sulforidazine • Periciazine

Question 10: Other elderly patients may experience high ________ or the onset or worsening of diabetes.
Reference ranges for blood testsBlood plasmaBlood sugarGlycated hemoglobin

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