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Arhat: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________, the word is sometimes used as a synonym for tathagata.
Sutta PitakaParivaraBuddhismPāli Canon

Question 2: Arihantas are divided into two categories: ________ and Ordinary.
JainismTirthankarNami NathaMahavira

Question 3: Tirthankaras are special Arihants because they revitalize the Jain Sangh (fourfold Jain Order) consisting of ________ (male saints), Sadhvis (female saints), Shravaks (male householders), and Shravikas (female householders).

Question 4: Such a person is said to have achieved a proto-enlightenment called ________.
BodhicittaMahayana Mahaparinirvana SutraVajrayanaBuddha-nature

Question 5: The first Tirthankar of our time period was Lord Rishabhdev, and the twenty-fourth and last Tirthankar was Lord ________, who lived from 599 BCE to 527 BCE.

Question 6: one's mind becomes seized by excitation about the ________ and, as a consequence, develops serenity and abandons the fetters (dhamma-uddhacca-viggahitaṃ mānasaṃ hoti).
DhyānaDharma (Buddhism)NirvanaBuddhism and Hinduism

Question 7: 202The Great Epic of India) and as the first offer of salutation in the main Jain prayer ________.
DigambarMahaviraNamokar MantraJainism

Question 8: Chinese: 阿羅漢/羅漢 (āluóhàn, luóhàn); rarer terms: 應供 (yinggong), 應真 (yingzhen), 真人 (________).
Chinese characterShen (Chinese religion)De (Chinese)Zhenren

Question 9: At the time of ________ (liberated from the worldly existence), Arihanta sheds off the remaining four aghati karmas namely:
NirvanaBuddhism and HinduismBuddhismSkandha

Question 10: ________ Buddhists see the Buddha himself as the ideal towards which one should aim in one's spiritual aspirations.
BuddhismMahayana sutrasBuddhist textsMahayana

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