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Question 1: ________ • Exegesis • History of religion • Religion • Religious philosophy • Theology • Relationship between religion and science • Religion and politics • Faith and rationality • more...

Question 2: A common ________ is that it is not evident that simply because we can conceive of an object with some property in a greater degree, that such an object exists.
ArgumentInductive reasoningAristotleInformal logic

Question 3: [4] It is worth noting in this context that the specific claim that "fire is the greatest heat" is either meaningless or false in the context of modern science, depending on interpretation; there is ________, but there is no absolute "hot".
EntropyTemperatureAbsolute zeroThermodynamic temperature

Question 4: Clifford • William L. Rowe • ________ • William Wollaston • more ...
Relationship between religion and scienceImmanuel KantWilliam WhewellAverroes

Question 5: The argument from degrees or the degrees of perfection argument is an argument for the existence of God first proposed by mediaeval Roman Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas as one of the five ways to philosophically argue for ________ in his Summa Theologica.

Question 6: ________ has argued that, for instance, the existence of the property "smelliness" should not be taken as proof that a most smelly possible being, or "pre-eminently peerless stinker" in Dawkins' words, actually exists.
The Ancestor's TaleThe God DelusionRichard DawkinsThe Selfish Gene

Question 7: ________ • Euthyphro dilemma • Faith • Intelligent design • Miracle • Problem of evil • Religious belief • Soul • Theodicy • Spirit


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