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Question 1: The most effective control is through use of slow-acting ________ bait, which will be carried back to the nest by the workers, eventually killing all the individuals, including the queens.
Lead poisoningMercury poisoningArsenic poisoningPoison

Question 2: [12] The success of the chemical for controlling Argentine ants will depend on the cost, the ease of application, ________ to non-target organisms and the frequency of reapplication.
ToxicityPoisonLead poisoningMercury poisoning

Question 3: Researchers from the ________, have developed a way to use the scent of Argentine ants against them.
Stanford UniversityUniversity of California, IrvineUniversity of California, DavisUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Question 4: An effective homemade recipe[10] consists of a solution of granulated white table sugar and ________, placed in a shallow dish in the area being invaded:
Acetic acidCocaineHydrogen peroxideBoric acid

Question 5: Indeed, spraying with ________ will stimulate increased egg-laying by the queens, compounding the problem.
Pest controlAluminium phosphidePesticide poisoningPesticide

Question 6: Also, as the ants or their larvae transpire water, the solution becomes more concentrated, causing the boric acid to ________ and lacerate the digestive tract.
CarbonSolidCrystalCrystal structure

Question 7: In their introduced range, their ________ makeup is so uniform that individuals from one nest can mingle in a neighboring nest without being attacked.

Question 8: Gustav L. Mayr identified the first specimens of Hypoclinea humilis in the vicinity of Buenos Aires, ________ in 1866.

Question 9: Argentine ants also cause problems in agricultural areas by protecting plant pests, such as ________ and scale insects, from predators and parasitoids.

Question 10: Argentine ants in their native ________ also co-exist with many other species of ants, and do not attain the high population densities that characterize introduced populations.
AmericasSouth AmericaLatin AmericaNorth America


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