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Argentine Declaration of Independence: Quiz


Question 1: José Severo Malabia, Deputy for Charcas (present-day ________)

Question 2: Machine translations of the full text at College of Humanities and Social Sciences - ________
ECU – NC State rivalryTobacco RoadNC State Wolfpack footballNorth Carolina State University

Question 3: The voting finally ended on ________ with a declaration of independence.
July 9January 1July 20March 4

Question 4: The Document claimed that Spanish America recovered its sovereignty from the ________ in 1808, when Ferdinand VII had been deposed, and therefore, any union between the overseas dominions of Spain and the Peninsula had been dissolved.
Kingdom of LeónIsabella I of CastileRevolt of the ComunerosCrown of Castile

Question 5: The three Litoral provinces (Santa Fé, Entre Ríos and Corrientes) were expelled from the Congress, along with ________, present-day Uruguay.

Question 6: The ________ of 1810 followed the deposition of the Spanish king Fernando VII by Napoleon.
Juan José CastelliArgentinaManuel BelgranoMay Revolution

Question 7: The royalists were victorious at the battles of Sipe-Sipe, Huaqui, Vilcapugio and Ayohuma, in what had been the ________.
Spanish conquest of the Inca EmpireHistory of PeruViceroyalty of PeruInca Empire

Question 8: José Mariano Serrano, Deputy for Charcas (present-day ________), Secretary

Question 9: José Andrés Pacheco de Melo, Deputy for Chibchas (present-day ________)

Question 10: Mariano Sánchez de Loria, Deputy for Charcas (present-day ________)


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