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Question 1:
What kind of animal is a Arecaceae?

Question 2:
What period does the fossils of the Arecaceae come from?
Early Jurassic -Late Cretaceous
Late Cretaceous to Recent
Early Cretaceous - Recent,
Late Cretaceous- Recent

Question 3: The ________ are generally small and white, radially symmetric, and can be either uni- or bi-.
Flowering plantFlowerFruitSeed

Question 4: There are roughly 202 currently known genera with around 2600 ________, most of which are restricted to tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate climates.
LifeBiological classificationEvolutionSpecies

Question 5: Dragon's blood, a red resin used traditionally in medicine, varnish, and ________, may be obtained from the fruit of Daemonorops species.
DyeCochinealMordantAcid dye

Question 6:
What family does Arecaceae belong to?

Question 7: Palms first appear in the fossil record around 80 million years ago, during the late ________ Period.
CretaceousCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventDinosaurGeologic time scale

Question 8: ________ may have the highest number of palm species in one country.
ColombiaQuindío DepartmentColombian armed conflict (1964–present)Valle del Cauca Department

Question 9: ________—palms able to withstand colder temperatures
ArecaceaeUnited StatesWashington, D.C.Hardy palms

Question 10:
What classis does Arecaceae belong to?

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