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Areca: Quiz


Question 1: The areca nut tree belongs to the same family as the ________ and talipot palm, but its straight and slender appearance is quite different.
Palm oilAttalea maripaOil palmPlant

Question 2: Several species of Areca nuts, known for their bitter and tangy taste, raw or dried nuts are routinely used for chewing , especially in combination with the leaves of ________, tobacco, and Calcium hydroxide (lime).
IndiaBlack pepperPiper (genus)Betel

Question 3: [citation needed] The generic name Areca is derived from a name used locally on the Malabar coast of ________.
Research and Analysis WingIndiaLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 4: The best-known member of the genus is A. catechu, the ________ palm.
VanuatuPalauAreca nutTuvalu

Question 5: Areca is a genus of about 50 species of single-stemmed palms in the family ________, found in humid tropical forests from Malaysia to the Solomon Islands.
Flowering plantArecaceaeHardy palmsCoconut

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