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Architecture of Portugal: Quiz


Question 1: The troubled times of the Portuguese ________ meant that many castles had to be built to protect villages from Moors and Castilians.
InquisitionCrusadesSpanish InquisitionReconquista

Question 2: Its modern heir is the Faculdade de Arquitectura (School of Architecture) of the ________.
Technical University of MadridUniversity of PortoUniversity of BergenMinho University

Question 3: The basilica of Nossa Senhora da Conceição in ________ was one of the earliest churches in pure Renaissance style.
LisbonGualdim PaisTomarJews

Question 4: The most influential of the first Portuguese Romanesque monuments were ________ and the Monastery of Rates.
St Paul's Church, BragaSaint Vincent ChurchBraga CathedralCongregados Basilica

Question 5: The ________ is among the most sumptuous Baroque buildings in Portugal.
LisbonBaroque architectureMafra National PalaceRome

Question 6: Count Henry came to Portugal with a number of noblemen and also Benedictine monks of ________, which was headed by Henry's brother, Hugh.
Pope Gelasius IIPopePope Callixtus IICluny Abbey

Question 7: Gothic architecture was brought to Portugal by the ________.
CisterciansCarthusianCatholic religious orderTrappists

Question 8: One of the top architecture schools in the world, known as "Escola do Porto" or School of ________, is located in Portugal.
PortoLiberdade Square (Porto)Casa do InfantePalácio da Bolsa

Question 9: Coimbra Cathedral is a ________ church with a three-aisled nave, a transept with short arms and three East chapels.
ChristianityBishopChristian crossOrthodox Church

Question 10: The whole church is covered by ________ and the main chapel has an ambulatory and a series of radiant chapels.
Durham CathedralRib vaultGothic architectureVault (architecture)


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