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Question 1: Geometrically, ________ is defined as a vertical orthographic projection of an object on to a horizontal plane, with the horizontal plane cutting through the building.
Isometric projectionMap projectionMultiview orthographic projection3D projection

Question 2: The traditional tools of the architect were the drawing board or draughting table, T-square and set squares, protractor, compasses, ________ and drawing pens of different types.
Writing implementPencilMedia (arts)Lead

Question 3: [6] Drawings were made on vellum, coated ________, and on tracing paper.

Question 4: A ________ may also be drawn freehand but deals with symbols, to develop the logic of a design.
DiagramChartVisualization (computer graphics)Information graphics

Question 5: In professional architectural photography, conversely, a ________ is used to eliminate the third vanishing point, so that all the verticals are vertical on the photograph, as with the perspective convention.
NikonNikon F-mountRangefinder cameraPerspective control lens

Question 6: The standard modern processes are the ________, laser printer and photocopier, of which only the ink-jet is commonly used for large-format printing.
Inkjet printerInk cartridgePrinter (computing)Dye-sublimation printer

Question 7: Architectural ________ often refers to designs made on the back of an envelope/napkin/cigarette packet.
StorytellingFolkloreFairy taleLegend

Question 8: An architectural drawing or architect's drawing is a technical drawing of a building (or building project) that falls within the definition of ________.
Architectural theoryArchitectureItalyEurope

Question 9: Lettering would either be done by hand, mechanically using a ________, or a combination of the two.
GraffitiStreet artStencil graffitiStencil

Question 10: Sizes are determined by a consistent ________ system, according to local usage.
Paper sizeFranceUnited KingdomSpain


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