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Question 1: [41] Around the year 1586 ________ invented a hydrostatic balance for weighing metals in air and water after apparently being inspired by the work of Archimedes.
Scientific revolutionIsaac NewtonGalileo GalileiScientific method

Question 2:
Where did Archimedes die?
Gu00FCmligen near Berne, Switzerland
Downey, California

Question 3:
When was Archimedes born?
circa 287 BC

Question 4:
What is Archimedes known for?

Question 5: Modern research in this area has been focused on the ________, another device from classical antiquity that was probably designed for the same purpose.
Greek astronomyAnaximanderAlmagestAntikythera mechanism

Question 6: Archimedes—The Greek mathematician and his Eureka momentsIn Our Time, broadcast in 2007 (requires ________)
Flash VideoVLC media playerQuickTimeRealPlayer

Question 7:
How is Archimedes described?
ancient Greek mathematician, physicist and engineer
Australian television personality
United States Army Medal of Honor recipient

Question 8: A movement for civic engagement targeting universal access to health care in the US state of Oregon has been named the "Archimedes Movement," headed by former Oregon Governor ________.
Neil GoldschmidtFrank W. Benson (Oregon governor)John KitzhaberJohn Whiteaker

Question 9:
When did Archimedes die?
circa 90 BC
circa. 11th century
circa 212 BC
circa 995

Question 10: Since a ship of this size would leak a considerable amount of water through the hull, the ________ was purportedly developed in order to remove the bilge water.
BabylonNetherlandsScrew-propelled vehicleArchimedes' screw

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