Archetype: Quiz

Question 1: In ________, an archetype is a model of a person, personality, or behavior.
Sigmund FreudPsychologyCognitive neuroscienceNeuropsychology

Question 2: In philosophy, archetypes since ________ at least, refer to ideal forms of the perceived or sensible things or types.
Bertrand RussellImmanuel KantPlatoAristotle

Question 3: ________ is known for creating many archetypal characters that hold great social importance in his native land.
Shakespeare's lifeShakespeare authorship questionWilliam ShakespeareHamlet

Question 4: Archetypes can be found in nearly all forms of literature, with their motifs being predominantly rooted in ________.

Question 5: A ________ is an imitation of an archetype or prototype in order to pay homage to the original creator.
PastichePostmodernismMass (music)"Weird Al" Yankovic

Question 6: ________, the bawdy, rotund comic knight; Romeo and Juliet, the ill-fated ("star-crossed") lovers; Richard II, the hero who dies with honor; and many others.
William ShakespeareHenry VI, Part 1FalstaffHenry IV, Part 1

Question 7: ________ used in theatre or film are based on highly generic literary archetypes.
RhetoricAristotleGreek mythologyStock character

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