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Question 1: In the ________ tradition, there is controversy regarding which demons should be classed as archdemons.
Magic (paranormal)ReligionMysticismOccult

Question 2: New ones emerged, mostly revolving around Satan and the ________.
Second ComingAntichristChristian eschatologyCovenant theology

Question 3: Based upon the writings of ________ (Col.
John the ApostlePaul of TarsusSaint PeterChronology of Jesus

Question 4: In ancient Jewish lore, pagan gods of neighbouring cultures were classed as extremely pernicious in order to protect Jews from worshiping them; therefore, Ba'al and ________ were among the worst enemies of God.
MolochEl (deity)MelqartAstarte

Question 5: i 21) the angelic court had been constructed by ________ and comprised nine orders of angels with three orders each to three hierarchies.
Eastern Catholic ChurchesPseudo-Dionysius the AreopagiteMonophysitismOrthodox Church

Question 6: Archdemons are described as the leaders of ________ hosts, just as archangels lead choirs of angels.
DemonologyChristian demonologyDemonUnclean spirit

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