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Archaeology of the Americas: Quiz


Question 1: Haplogroup Q1a3a is a Y Chromosome haplogroup generally associated with the ________.
Pre-Columbian eraIndigenous peoples of the AmericasClassification of indigenous peoples of the AmericasModels of migration to the New World

Question 2: In some cases, notably, that of ________, these laws have been subject to close judicial scrutiny and great intellectual conflict.
Paleo-IndiansKennewick ManIndigenous Amerindian geneticsPre-Columbian era

Question 3: This includes the study of pre-historic/________ and historic indigenous American peoples.
Kennewick ManPre-Columbian eraIndigenous Amerindian geneticsPaleo-Indians

Question 4: Although the Formative/Classic/Post-Classic distinction is still used in the archaeology of ________, the divisions have been replaced in most of North America by more local classifications with a more elaborate time breakdown.
Pre-Columbian eraSouth American Indigenous peopleMaya civilizationMesoamerican chronology

Question 5: The archaeology of the Americas is the study of the archaeology of North America, Central America (or Mesoamerica), South America and the ________.
BarbadosCaribbeanTrinidad and TobagoLatin America

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