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Question 1: [1] Although true arches were already known by the ________ and ancient Greeks, the Romans were - as with the vault and the dome - the first to fully realize the potential of arches for bridge construction.
Etruscan originsEtruscan mythologyEtruscan civilizationEtruscan language

Question 2: It is also possible to construct a reinforced concrete arch from ________, where the arch is built in two halves which are then leaned against each other.
Precast concreteStorm drainTunnelCulvert

Question 3: This type of bridge comprises an ________ which supports the deck by means of suspension cables or tie bars.
ArchArch bridgeItalyTriumphal arch

Question 4: ________
People's Republic of ChinaList of longest masonry arch bridge spansFranceGermany

Question 5: The three-story Roman ________ aqueduct
Pont du GardValens AqueductAcueducto de los MilagrosAqüeducte de les Ferreres

Question 6: These through arch bridges are in contrast to suspension bridges which use the ________ in tension to which the aforementioned cables or tie bars are attached and suspended.
Robert HookeGateway ArchParabolaCatenary

Question 7: The late Roman Karamagara Bridge in ________ may represent the earliest surviving bridge featuring a pointed arch.

Question 8: The ________ is a through arch bridge which uses a truss type arch.
Sydney Harbour BridgeCity CircleRoyal Botanic Gardens, SydneySydney Opera House

Question 9: Roman ________ developed the design and constructed highly refined structures using only simple materials, equipment, and mathematics.
Civil engineeringStructural engineeringElectrical engineeringEnvironmental engineering

Question 10: Trajan's bridge over the ________ featured open-spandrel segmental arches made of wood (standing on 40 m high concrete piers).


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