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Question 1: The intense ________ light absorbed by the eye causes a superficial and painful keratitis.
Visible spectrumX-rayUltravioletElectromagnetic spectrum

Question 2: ________ dye staining will reveal corneal ulcers under blue light
Zinc chlorideMethylene blueFluoresceinFluorescein isothiocyanate

Question 3: Although not caused by an arc, the identical syndrome of ultraviolet keratitis can be caused by UV from excessive sun exposure, light reflected from snow (known as snow blindness), water or ________.

Question 4: Patch the worse of the two eyes and prescribe ________
StimulantAnalgesicDissociativeNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Question 5: It can also occur due to using ________ without proper eyewear.
UltravioletSun tanningTanning bedCarcinogen

Question 6: Although it is possible for defects in specific types of industrial lighting to cause the same problem, this phenomenon cannot be caused by simple ________ as commonly found in many factory and office environments.
Over-illuminationMelatoninLight pollutionCircadian rhythm

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