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Arba Minch: Quiz


Question 1: Police were reportedly attempting to disperse a crowd following a disagreement between ________ priests.
Orthodox ChurchEthiopian Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchEritrean Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchArmenian Apostolic Church

Question 2: Arba Minch received its name for the abundant local springs which produce a groundwater ________.
TreeOld-growth forestTemperate broadleaf and mixed forestsForest

Question 3: Located in the Semien Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region about 500 kilometers south of ________, at an elevation of 1285 meters above sea level.
AsmaraAddis AbabaNairobiCairo

Question 4: [3] It is known as a source for fruit, including mango, banana, orange, apple, guava and pineapple, and is also known for its ________.
Fish farmingShrimp farmIntegrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureAquaculture

Question 5: The town also is served by an airport, (ICAO code HAAM, ________ AMH).
Air CanadaInternational Air Transport AssociationCathay PacificPrecision Air

Question 6: This city succeeded Chencha as the provincial capital of Gamu-Gofa, and held this honor until the reorganisation of provinces in ________.

Question 7: Arba Minch (Amharic, "forty springs") is a city in southern ________; less common names for this city include Gantar and Minghi.

Question 8: At the beginning of the ________, four people were killed in clashes with the police on 28 March 1974.
DergRed Terror (Ethiopia)Mengistu Haile MariamEthiopian Civil War

Question 9: On the eastern side of Sikela is the gate to ________, which covers the isthmus between Lake Abaya to the north and Lake Chamo to the south.
Nechisar National ParkBale Mountains National ParkOmo National ParkAbijatta-Shalla National Park


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