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Aramaic of Jesus: Quiz


Question 1: Iota is the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet (ι), but since only capitals were used at the time the Greek New Testament was written (Ι), it probably represents the Aramaic yodh (י) which is the smallest letter of the ________.
Hebrew alphabetSyriac alphabetNabataean alphabetAramaic alphabet

Question 2: It is not known why Paul uses the Aramaic name rather than the Greek name for Simon Peter when he writes to the churches in Galatia and ________.
GreeceAncient CorinthCorinthAthens

Question 3: The English word "tittle" is a cognate of ________ and title and refers to the dot on top of a lowercase i.
¥PunctuationTildeAt sign

Question 4: (the bracketed text does not appear in all recensions and is absent in the Latin ________)
Catholic ChurchVulgateChristian monasticismPope Gregory I

Question 5: Jesus and his disciples spoke a Galilean dialect which was clearly distinguishable from that of ________.

Question 6: The consensus among scholarship is that the New Testament was compiled in the ________.
Greek diasporaGreeceGreeksGreek language

Question 7: In Aramaic (קרבנא) it refers to the treasury in the Temple in Jerusalem, derived from the Hebrew ________ (קרבן), found in Mark 7:11 and the Septuagint (in Greek transliteration), meaning religious gift.
MikvehJewish servicesJudaismKorban

Question 8: Payne Smith, the word hesdo in Syriac (or hesda in older ________) has two opposite meanings: 'grace' and 'disgrace'.
Akkadian languageAramaic languageArabic languageSemitic languages

Question 9: The canonical New Testament of today was originally written in Koine Greek, including many quotations from the Septuagint, but see also ________.
Early ChristianityJewish-Christian GospelsChristianityJesus

Question 10: [3] In the same time period, the Mishnah was recorded in Hebrew, ________ wrote in Aramaic, and Philo and Paul of Tarsus wrote in Greek.
Herod the GreatJesusJosephusFirst Jewish–Roman War


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