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Question 1: The next year it was selected as the winner of a design contest, and became the standard aircraft of the ________ (German Navy) throughout World War II.
Scharnhorst class battleshipKarl DönitzKriegsmarineGerman Type VII submarine

Question 2: In all versions, 541 Ar 196s (526 production models) were built before production ended in August 1944, about 100 of these from SNCA and ________ plants.
Fokker D.VIIFokker F.VIIFokker D.XXIFokker

Question 3: After being towed to ________ by the torpedo boat HNoMS Sild, it was used against its former owners, flying with Norwegian markings.

Question 4: Powerplant:BMW 132K 9-cylinder ________, 960 PS (706 kW, 947 hp)
Rotary engineTwo-stroke engineFour-stroke engineRadial engine

Question 5: The Navy gave up, and the planes were eventually sold off to ________, Spain and Sweden.

Question 6: Rushed modifications resulted in a series of nine ________ in an attempt to solve some of the problems, but they didn't help much.
BreadboardKilogramPrototypePlanck constant

Question 7: With the loss of the German surface fleet the A-1s were added to coastal squadrons, and continued to fly reconnaissance missions and ________ hunts into late 1944.
TorpedoUnited States NavySubmarineAlfa class submarine

Question 8: Two notable operations were the capture of HMS Seal, and the repeated interception of RAF ________ bombers.
Armstrong Whitworth EnsignArmstrong Whitworth WhitleyArmstrong Whitworth AW.23Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle

Question 9: The first ________ was powered by the Daimler-Benz DB 600 inline engine, but it was clear that supplies of this engine would be limited, and the production versions turned to the BMW 132 radial engine instead.
PrototypePlanck constantBreadboardKilogram

Question 10: [2] At the end of the war, at least another Arado Ar 196 was left at a Norwegian airfield and kept in use as a liaison aircraft by the ________ for a year on the West coast.
Royal Norwegian Air ForceNorwegian ArmyRoyal Norwegian NavyNorway

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