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Arabic numerals: Quiz


Question 1: ________: ०.१.२.३.४.५.६.७.८.९).
Malayalam scriptDevanagariGujarati scriptBrāhmī script

Question 2: The Arabic numerals are encoded in ________ (and Unicode) at positions 48 to 57:
ASCIICode page 437ISO/IEC 8859-1Windows-1252

Question 3: ________ - decimal positional numeral system with zero
Arabic numeralsCounting rodsHindu–Arabic numeral systemChinese numerals

Question 4: The symbols used to represent the system have split into various typographical variants since the ________:
Middle AgesLate Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 5: Although the phrase "Arabic numeral" is frequently capitalized, it is sometimes written in lower case: for instance, in its entry in the ________.
Oxford English DictionaryAmerican and British English spelling differencesUnited KingdomJames Murray (lexicographer)

Question 6: The digits 1 to 9 in the ________ evolved from the Brahmi numerals.
Hindu–Arabic numeral systemIndian numeralsDecimalArabic numerals

Question 7: By this time, the use of the glyph had already reached Persia, and was mentioned in Al-Khwarizmi's descriptions of ________.
Roman numeralsIndian numeralsKhmer numeralsArabic numerals

Question 8: Arabic numerals is the conventional name for the entire family of related systems of Arabic and ________.
Indian numeralsRoman numeralsKhmer numeralsHexadecimal

Question 9: He was known to have requested mathematical treatises concerning the ________ from Lupitus of Barcelona after he had returned to France.
Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-KhwārizmīAlhazenAbu Rayhan BiruniAstrolabe

Question 10: Despite evidence to the contrary, some ________ explanations for the origin of modern Arabic numerals persist.

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