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Arabic literature: Quiz


Question 1: Arabic literature
Chinese literature
Indian literature
Japanese literature
Korean literature
Nepalese literature
Pakistani literature
Vietnamese literature
Bengali literatureBengal RenaissanceBengali scriptBengali language

Question 2: Types of stories in these collections include animal fables, proverbs, stories of ________ or propagation of the faith, humorous tales, moral tales, tales about the wily con-man Ali Zaybaq and tales about the prankster Juha.
IslamJihadIslamic terrorismIslamism

Question 3: The Neo-Classical movement sought to rediscover the literary traditions of the past, and was influenced by traditional literary genres such as the maqama and the ________.
Islamic Golden AgeOne Thousand and One NightsAbbasid CaliphateArabic literature

Question 4: ________, himself keen on European thought, would even dare to challenge the Qur'an with modern critical analysis in which he pointed out the ideas and stories borrowed from pre-Islamic poetry.
Apostasy in IslamThe Satanic Verses controversyTaha HusseinDhimmi

Question 5: The other great character from Arabic literature ________ is from the Tales.
Abbasid CaliphateSinbad the SailorOne Thousand and One NightsHarun al-Rashid

Question 6: An early popular success was ________ which spurred a host of historical novels on Arabic subjects.
The Count of Monte CristoThe Three MusketeersThe Black TulipAlexandre Dumas, père

Question 7: His main purpose behind this science fiction work was to explain ________ religious teachings in terms of science and philosophy.
Muslim historyIslamIslamic schools and branchesMosque

Question 8: Satire was introduced into prose literature by the Afro-Arab author ________ in the 9th century.
Early Islamic philosophyAl-KindiAlhazenAl-Jahiz

Question 9: Aside from the Qur'an the ________ or tradition of what Muhammed is supposed to have said and done are important literature.
HadithShariaIslamic schools and branchesSunni Islam

Question 10: [50] In 2009-numbers: The ________ International Book Fair had 200.000 visitors, 637 exhibitors from 52 countries, most arabian.
United Arab EmiratesBakuAbu DhabiSingapore

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