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Arabic hip hop: Quiz


Question 1: Timz is an ________ rapper mostly known for his controversial rap song "Iraq".
Iraqi diasporaSyrian AmericanIraqi AmericanArab American

Question 2: After impressing Akon, Desert Heat were pushed to open up the launch of MTV Arabia alongside Akon and ________.
Ludacris discographyLudacrisNasShawnna

Question 3: Arabic hip hop is played on radio stations and shown on TV programs, but live hip hop performances only began in the ________.
2000s (decade)199319961990s

Question 4: Therefore, the ________ has been a major outlet for most groups.
World Wide WebInternetInternet Relay ChatE-mail

Question 5: Ramallah Underground including boikutt, stormtrap, and aswatt is a hip-hop group based in ________, Palestine.
AmmanAbu DhabiJerusalemRamallah

Question 6: There are many Yemeni emcees around the world but mostly in the USA and the ________.
EnglandUnited KingdomWalesCanada

Question 7: Because of the fast growth many ________ appeared with different styles, which has improved the quality of the music.
Hip hopHip hop musicRappingGangsta rap

Question 8: Many French emcees originated from ________, and of those, most from Algeria.
Scramble for AfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan AfricaAfrica

Question 9: Algerian hip hop has roots that lie in ________.
African hip hopFrench hip hopHip hop musicEuropean hip hop

Question 10: Also considered part of Arabic hip hop are emcees of Arab origin in the ________ including Europe, North America, and Australia.
Arab CanadiansArab VenezuelanArab diasporaArab Mexican


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