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Question 1: The only survivors were the broodmares and the younger horses, who were rescued by ________.
José Luis Rodríguez ZapateroJosé María AznarFrancisco FrancoSpanish State

Question 2: Several Arabians, mostly of Polish breeding, were captured from ________ and imported to the U.S.A.
NazismAdolf HitlerAxis powersNazi Germany

Question 3: On the other hand, the Arabian is also classified as a "hot-blooded" breed, a category that includes other refined, spirited horses bred for speed, such as the ________ and the Barb.
Horse breedingThoroughbredArabian horseEquestrianism

Question 4: As the knights and the heavy, armored war horses who carried them became obsolete, Arabian horses and their descendants were used to develop faster, agile light ________ horses that were used in warfare into the 20th century.

Question 5: Arabians and Barbs, though probably related to one another, are quite different in appearance,[207] and horses of both Arabian and Barb type were present in the ________ armies that occupied Europe.

Question 6:
Where does Arabian horse come from?
Developed in the Middle East, most notably Arabian peninsula
Origin India, developed in England
Middle East and North Africa
Uganda, East Africa

Question 7: Spotting or excess white was believed by many breeders to be a mark of impurity until ________ testing for verification of parentage became standard.

Question 8: [33][34] An all-white Arabian foaled in 1996 was originally thought to be sabino, but actually was found to have a new form of ________ mutation.
Cream geneWhite (horse)Dominant whiteSabino horse

Question 9: A white hair coat is usually created by the natural action of the gray ________, and virtually all "white" Arabians are actually grays.

Question 10:
What is Arabian horse's current status?

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