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Arab states of the Persian Gulf: Quiz


Question 1: Most Arabs living near the Persian Gulf also trace their ancestry back to Arab tribes of either ________ (in what is now central Saudi Arabia) or Yemen.

Question 2: ________ for information on Iran's relations with Arab countries
Iran – United Kingdom relationsIran–Israel relationsIran–Arab relationsIran – United States relations

Question 3: ________
Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the GulfCaribbean CommunityASEANTrade bloc

Question 4: Only ________ (Majlis al-Nuwab) and Kuwait (National Assembly) have legislatures with popularly elected members.
BahrainQatarUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi Arabia

Question 5: It is useful to view the other six ________ states of the Persian Gulf as a group because they share similar economies, a similar culture, and similar political characteristics - even if they also show internal diversity.
SyriaIraqPalestinian peopleArab people

Question 6: In addition, pearl diving and the ________ industry was the main economic activity of many of these countries (particularly Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait).

Question 7: In the past there were also significant numbers of immigrants from Jordan (mostly of Palestinian origin), Yemen and ________.

Question 8: To meet the labor shortages they host large numbers of temporary non-citizen economic migrants from South Asia and Southeast Asia (mostly the Philippines and ________).


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