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Question 1: Since Roman times, long convoys had transported slaves as well as all sorts of products to be used for ________.
BarterAnarchist economicsGift economyOpen economy

Question 2: Ethiopian ( Ge'ez and ________) historical texts
Akkadian languageMaltese languageAmharicArabic language

Question 3: From a Western point of view, the subject merges with the Oriental slave trade, which followed two main routes in the ________:
Early Middle AgesMiddle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 4: Ships coming from Zanzibar made stops on Socotra or at ________ before heading to the Persian Gulf or to India.
South YemenAden ProtectorateAdenYemen

Question 5: He is the author of ________ orHistorical Prolegomena and History of the Berbers.
Islamic sociologyIbn KhaldunEarly Islamic philosophyMuqaddimah

Question 6: They were ruled by Arab, Berber, Fulani, Hausa and ________.
Trans-Saharan tradeSaharaTuaregBerber people

Question 7: ________ had been a "supply zone" for slaves since antiquity.
SudanNubiaAncient EgyptEgypt

Question 8: The Qur'an, the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and the overwhelming majority of Islamic jurists and theologians, all stated that humankind has a single origin and rejected the idea of certain ________ being superior to others.
Ethnic groupSouth Asian ethnic groupsIndigenous peoplesMores

Question 9: Nevertheless, since antiquity there had been cities living on a trade in salt, gold, slaves, cloth, and on agriculture enabled by irrigation: Tiaret, Oualata, ________, Zaouila, and others.
MoroccoSijilmasaKharijitesBerber people

Question 10: Archival material for the ________ trade in the 16th to 18th centuries may seem useful as a source, yet these record books were often falsified.
Transatlantic flightAtlantic OceanTransatlanticCharles Lindbergh

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