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Question 1: [224] Two Arab citizens were killed in the Ma'alot massacre carried out by the ________ on May 15, 1974.
HamasDemocratic Front for the Liberation of PalestinePopular Front for the Liberation of PalestineFatah

Question 2: Tensions between Arabs and the state rose in October 2000 when 12 Arab citizens of Israel and one man from Gaza were killed while protesting the government's response to the ________.
Israeli–Palestinian conflictSecond IntifadaGaza–Israel conflictHamas

Question 3: [39] IDF enlistment by ________ citizens of Israel dropped significantly.
JordanEgyptBedouinSaudi Arabia

Question 4: 10% of the country's Arab population resides in the Center District of Israel, primarily the cities of Tayibe, Tira, and Qalansawe as well as the mixed cities of ________ and Ramla which have mainly Jewish populations.
LodJerusalemTel AvivHaifa

Question 5: ________ tend to identify more as Israelis than other Arab citizens of Israel.
PalestineBeersheba1948 Arab–Israeli WarNegev Bedouin

Question 6: [185] In recent years, a growing minority from within the Druze ________ have denounced this mandatory enrollment, and refused to serve.
Social stratificationSocial networkCommunitySociology

Question 7:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Arab citizens of Israel?
Palestinian Arabic and Hebrew

Question 8:
What is the metropolitican population of Arab citizens of Israel?
1.58% of the world's population
20% of Israeli population
0.92% of the Canadian Population
Approximately 4% of the Pakistani population.

Question 9: There is a significant Arab Christian minority from various denominations, as well as ________, among other religious communities.
Muslim historyShia IslamDruzeIslamic schools and branches

Question 10: "Israeli Arabs were not required to perform mandatory ________ and, in practice, only a small percentage of Israeli Arabs served in the military.
Military serviceFranceUnited KingdomCyprus


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