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Aquila (constellation): Quiz


Question 1: NGC 6781 which bears some resemblance with the Owl Nebula in ________.
Ursa MajorOrion (constellation)Aquila (constellation)Ursa Minor

Question 2: NGC 6755: an ________ of 7.5m; it is made up of about a dozen stars with magnitudes 12 thru 13
Globular clusterBinary starStellar kinematicsOpen cluster

Question 3: The constellation was also known as Vultur volans (the flying vulture) to the Romans, not to be confused with Vultur cadens which was their name for ________.
LyraAquila (constellation)Cygnus (constellation)Coma Berenices

Question 4: NGC 6709: an ________ of 6.7m located five degrees southwest of Zeta Aquilae
StarGlobular clusterOpen clusterBinary star

Question 5: It is now one of the 88 constellations defined by the ________.
MoscowInternational Astronomical UnionParisRome

Question 6: Aquila, which lies in the ________, contains many rich starfields.
Milky WayGalactic CenterLocal GroupGalaxy

Question 7: It had been earlier mentioned by Eudoxus in the 4th century BC and Aratus in the ________.
2nd century BC6th century BC5th century BC3rd century BC

Question 8: 15 Aql: This ________ is a yellow K star of 5.4 mag accompanied by a 7th mag star; it can easily be observed with small telescopes.
Multiple starStar systemDouble starBinary star

Question 9: The alpha star, ________, is a vertex of the Summer Triangle asterism.
VegaAltairGamma AquilaeBeta Aquilae

Question 10: It has a ________ of 0.23", and consequently is about eight times as bright as the Sun.
ParallaxApparent magnitudeBinary starStar


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