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Aquatic plant: Quiz


Question 1: Aquatic vascular plants can be ferns or ________ (from a variety of families, including among the monocots and dicots).
Flowering plantBryophyteGymnospermEmbryophyte

Question 2: Many fish keepers keep aquatic plants in their tanks to control phytoplankton and moss by removing ________.
MetabolomicsGenomicsBioinformaticsFunctional genomics

Question 3: Long roots and thin leaves also provide a greater surface area for uptake of ________ solutes and oxygen.

Question 4: ________ (from Latin, utriculus, a little bag or bottle) is a genus of slender aquatic plants, the leaves of which are furnished with floating bladders.
Carnivorous plantPinguiculaByblis (plant)Utricularia

Question 5: ________ that are open most of time because water is abundant and therefore there is no need for it to be retained in the plant.
StomaPhotosynthesisCell wallAlgae

Question 6: ________ are not vascular plants but multicellular marine algae, and therefore not typically included in the category of aquatic plants.
SeaweedJapanRed algaeAlgaculture

Question 7: Many species of aquatic plant are ________ in different parts of the world.
Invasive speciesExtinctionIntroduced speciesBiodiversity

Question 8: Smaller ________: water can diffuse directly into leaves.
RootPlantFlowering plantPlant stem

Question 9: Because living on or under water surface requires numerous special adaptations, aquatic plants can only grow in water or permanently saturated ________.
LandslideWater wellSoilClay

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