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Aquatic ecosystem: Quiz


Question 1: [5] Aquatic ecosystems are also used for human recreation, and are very important to the ________ industry, especially in coastal regions.
Travel and Tourism Competitiveness ReportTourismHotelWorld Tourism rankings

Question 2: Many lakes, or bays within them, gradually become enriched by nutrients and fill in with organic sediments, a process called ________.
Marine pollutionWater pollutionSurface runoffEutrophication

Question 3: ________: areas where the soil is saturated or inundated for at least part of the time.

Question 4:
Aquatic ecosystem, Ecosystem and Habitat are all:
Water Ecosystems Fisheries science Systems ecology

Question 5:
Aquatic ecosystem, Water and Water cycle are all:
Systems ecology Water Ecosystems Fisheries science

Question 6: These are a specific type of freshwater ecosystems that are largely based on the autotroph ________ which provide the base trophic level for all life in the area.
PhotosynthesisAlgaePlantWild fisheries

Question 7:
Aquatic ecosystem, Whaling and Bioluminescence are all:
Ecosystems Fisheries science Systems ecology Water

Question 8: Classes of organisms found in marine ecosystems include ________, dinoflagellates, corals, cephalopods, echinoderms, and sharks.
DiatomMacrocystisHeterokontBrown algae

Question 9: These organisms are able to feed on ________ in water that comes from volcanic vents.
Nitrous oxideNitric oxideHydrogen sulfideCarbon monoxide

Question 10: Approximately 85% of the dissolved materials in seawater are sodium and ________.


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