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Approximant consonant: Quiz


Question 1: ________ [ð̞] (usually transcribed <ð>)
Voiceless alveolar fricativeVoiceless dental fricativeVoiced dental fricativeVoiced alveolar fricative

Question 2: Ruanda[ruʋandɐ] ('________')[17]

Question 3: Therefore the IPA allows the symbols for the voiced fricatives to double for the central approximants, with or without a lowering ________.
Latin-derived alphabetAcute accentTypographic ligatureDiacritic

Question 4: Approximants therefore fall between fricatives, which do produce a turbulent airstream, and ________, which produce no turbulence.
International Phonetic AlphabetClose front unrounded vowelVowelClose back rounded vowel

Question 5: Vowels and their corresponding semivowels alternate in many languages depending on the phonological environment, or for grammatical reasons as is the case with ________.
Proto-Indo-European phonologyProto-Indo-European languageIndo-European copulaIndo-European ablaut

Question 6: Before ________ coined the term "approximant" in the 1960s[5] the term "frictionless continuant" referred to non-lateral approximants.
Papua New GuineaNigeriaEnglandPeter Ladefoged

Question 7: ________ [j] (a consonantal [i])
Palatal approximantVelar nasalBilabial nasalVoiceless velar plosive

Question 8: Boaz[boʋas] ('________')[17]


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