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Appreciation: Quiz


Question 1: In any viable modern economy, such property tends to increase in value over the years – if only because of the scarcity of usable land forces its ________ in a competitive situation.
Austrian SchoolPricePricingMarginal utility

Question 2: In this sense it is the reverse of ________, which measures the fall in value of assets over their normal life-time.
Book valueGoodwill (accounting)Amortization (business)Depreciation

Question 3: In ________, appreciation of an asset is an increase in its value.
Balance sheetSarbanes–Oxley ActProto-ElamiteAccountancy

Question 4: In times of high inflation, appreciation of assets will be common to all ________ assets.
AccountancyLiability (financial accounting)Equity (finance)Balance sheet

Question 5: Applied to a ________, appreciation is a rise of its value in a floating exchange rate.
CyprusISO 4217CoinCurrency

Question 6: Generally, the term is reserved for ________ or, more specifically, land and buildings.
Property lawIntellectual propertyLawProperty

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