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Question 1: The related term application binary interface (ABI) is a lower level definition concerning details at the ________ level.
Machine codeLow-level programming languageProgramming paradigmAssembly language

Question 2: In ________ languages the API is still distributed as a library.
Programming paradigmObject-oriented programmingUnified Modeling LanguageObject (computer science)

Question 3: For example, Sony used to make its official ________ API available only to licensed PlayStation developers.
PlayStation 2PlayStation PortableSony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation 3

Question 4: For example, in Unix systems the math.h include file for the ________ contains the definition of the mathematical functions available in the C language library for mathematical processing (usually called libm).
D (programming language)Programming languageC (programming language)C++

Question 5: Among Unix-like operating systems, there are many related but incompatible operating systems running on a common hardware platform (particularly ________-compatible systems).
Intel 80486Intel 8086Intel CorporationIntel 80386

Question 6: For example, on a ________ system the command man 3 sqrt will present the signature of the function sqrt in the form:
AWKGNU Core UtilitiesUnixMan page

Question 7: This enabled Sony to control who wrote PlayStation 2 ________.
GameVideo gameTabletop gameBoard game

Question 8: ________ cross-platform API for general-purpose computing for CPUs & GPUs

Question 9: XPCOM (Cross Platform Component Object Model) is a cross platform component model from ________.
Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Application SuiteCaminoMozilla

Question 10: For example, the Linux Standard Base is an ABI, while ________ is an API.
Pascal (programming language)C Sharp (programming language)ISO 9660POSIX


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