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Apple II series: Quiz


Question 1: The Disk II floppy drive used 5ΒΌ-inch ________.
Floppy diskHard disk driveUSB flash driveFile Allocation Table

Question 2: Apple II at the ________
Time WarnerJim BarksdaleLife (magazine)Open Directory Project

Question 3: The Apple II was frequently cloned, both in the ________ and abroad - similar cloning of the IBM PC later occurred.
PhilippinesAlaskaCanadaUnited States

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  An Apple II computer with an external modem
  The Apple IIGS setup, with keyboard and mouse shown.
  The Apple IIc was Apple's first compact and portable computer.
  An Apple II computer with an external modem

Question 5: The Apple IIc (in its American version) was the first microcomputer to include support for the ________, which was activated using a switch above the keyboard.
QWERTYKeyboard layoutDvorak Simplified KeyboardHebrew keyboard

Question 6: A TEMPEST approved version of the Apple II Plus called the Microfix was developed in 1980 by the ________ for U.S. Army FORSCOM.
WREKTech TowerGeorgia Tech Research InstituteG. P. "Bud" Peterson

Question 7: The UCSD P-system had a curious approach to memory management, which became even more curious on the ________.
MacintoshApple LisaApple IIIApple II series

Question 8: Apple released the ________ in April 1984, billing it as a portable Apple II, because it could be easily carried, though unlike modern portables it lacked a built-in display and battery.
Apple IIc PlusApple IIeApple II seriesApple IIc

Question 9: After the success of the first Apple II in the United States, Apple expanded its market to include Europe, ________ and the Far East in 1978, with the Apple II Europlus (Europe, Australia) and the Apple II J-Plus (Japan).
AustraliaUnited KingdomBarbadosCanada

Question 10: The language card was also required to use the UCSD Pascal and ________ compilers, which were released by Apple at about the same time.
Programming languageFortranC (programming language)Programming paradigm

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