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Question 1:
What is the binomial of Apple?
Mesonacis vermontanus
Malus domestica
Teucrium marum
Apolemichthys xanthurus

Question 2:
What classis does Apple belong to?

Question 3: [11] For instance, in Greek mythology, the ________ Heracles, as a part of his Twelve Labours, was required to travel to the Garden of the Hesperides and pick the golden apples off the Tree of Life growing at its center.
HadesApolloTrojan WarGreek hero cult

Question 4: Apples have been acclimatized in ________ at very high altitudes, where they provide crops twice per year because of constant temperate conditions in a whole year.

Question 5: This typically includes the sensation of ________ and swelling around the mouth and lips.

Question 6: He awarded the apple to Aphrodite, thus indirectly causing the ________.
OdysseusTrojan WarReturns from TroyGreek mythology

Question 7: Abdominal pain and ________ may also occur.
DiarrheaGastroenteritisTraveler's diarrheaVomiting

Question 8: The ________ "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," addressing the health effects of the fruit, dates from 19th century Wales.

Question 9: ________ is credited with finding dwarfed apples in Asia Minor in 300 BCE;[4] those he brought back to Macedonia might have been the progenitors of dwarfing root stocks.
Ptolemaic KingdomMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the GreatSeleucid Empire

Question 10: Through distillation various ________ are produced such as applejack (beverage) and Calvados.
BeerAlcoholic beverageWineEthanol

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