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Question 1: All arthropod appendages are variations of the same basic structure (homologous), and which structure is produced is controlled by "________" genes.
HomeoboxNuclear receptorPOU familyBrachyury

Question 2: An Appendage is an external body part, or natural prolongation, that protrudes from an ________'s body, such as a vertebrate's limbs.

Question 3: Appendages may be uniramous, as in insects and ________, where each appendage comprises a single series of segments, or it may be biramous, as in many crustaceans, where each appendage branches into two sections.

Question 4: Changes to these genes have allowed scientists to produce animals (chiefly ________) with modified appendages, such as legs instead of antennae.
Drosophila melanogasterInsectCaenorhabditis elegansModel organism

Question 5: In invertebrate ________, "appendage" is a general term that covers any of the homologous body parts that may extend from a body segment.


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