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Appeal to novelty: Quiz


Question 1: Thus, what may seem like Appeal to novelty isn't a ________ in every case.
FallacyQuantificationAmbiguityBegging the question

Question 2: In ________, for example in some arts and musics, novelty - though not all forms of novelty - is used as a criterion for acclaim.
Arthur SchopenhauerApplied aestheticsAestheticsDavid Hume

Question 3: Also, ________ frequently extoll the newness of their products as a reason to buy.
Advertising researchBrandProduct placementAdvertising

Question 4: In some cases, there may exist one or more unnamed - but still universally acknowledged - ________ between novelty and positive traits.
Pearson product-moment correlation coefficientCorrelation and dependenceNormal distributionVariance

Question 5: The appeal to novelty (also called argumentum ad novitatem) is a ________ in which someone prematurely claims that an idea or proposal is correct or superior, exclusively because it is new and modern.
QuantificationFallacyAmbiguityBegging the question


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