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Question 1: The apparent wind on-board is often quoted as a speed measured by a masthead transducer containing an ________ and wind vane that measures wind speed in knots and wind direction in degrees relative to the heading of the boat.
Weather radarThermometerSODARAnemometer

Question 2: Land-based ________ traffic generally take off and land facing upwind for the same reason.
AirportAirline hubAirport securityAir traffic control

Question 3: In sailboat racing, and especially in speed sailing, apparent wind is a vitally important factor, when determining the ________ a sail-boat can effectively travel in.
PreventerPoints of sailJibeBroach (sailing)

Question 4: In ________, these properties of the apparent wind are normally expressed in knots and degrees.
SailGlossary of nautical termsSail-planShip

Question 5: In ________, apparent wind is what is experienced on-board and it determines the necessary speeds for take-off and landing.
Powered hang gliderFixed-wing aircraftGlider (sailplane)Aviation history

Question 6: These include fast ________ and some planing monohulls.
ProaMultihullPacific CatamaranCatamaran

Question 7: Apparent wind velocity is the ________ of the true wind and the headwind an object would experience in still air.
Euclidean vectorCross productVector spaceDot product

Question 8: In ________, the apparent wind is the actual flow of air acting upon a sail.
SailingCatalina YachtsYachtingYacht racing


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