Appalachia: Quiz

Question 1: In the 1960s, 219 ________ in the 13-state Appalachian Region were considered economically distressed.
CountyProvinceIndependent cityCity

Question 2: Scenes depicting the town were actually shot in ________.
Montgomery, West VirginiaThurmond, West VirginiaSmithers, West VirginiaAnsted, West Virginia

Question 3: Traditional Appalachian music is derived primarily from the English and Scottish ________ tradition and Irish and Scottish fiddle music.
EnglandBallad opera18th centuryBallad

Question 4: The Appalachian town of ________ has been the setting of several best-selling novels, including The Trail of the Lonesome Pine by John Fox, Jr. and the Big Stone Gap series by Adriana Trigiani.
Big Stone Gap, VirginiaAppalachia, VirginiaWytheville, VirginiaWise, Virginia

Question 5: The ________ in 2002 and continuing mine subsidence problems in abandoned coal mines in Western Pennsylvania and other regions have also been highlighted in recent times.
United Airlines Flight 93Sago Mine disasterCambria County, PennsylvaniaQuecreek Mine Rescue

Question 6: The ARC's wide scope also[75] grew out of the ________ phenomenon, as politicians from outside the traditional Appalachia area saw a new way to bring home federal money to their areas.
United States CongressUnited StatesMassachusettsPork barrel

Question 7: Beginning in the 1930s, federal agencies such as the ________ began investing in the Appalachian region.
Tennessee Valley AuthorityBrowns Ferry Nuclear Power PlantFranklin D. RooseveltWatts Bar Nuclear Generating Station

Question 8: ________ have been present in the region since the 18th century, and currently make up 8% of the ARC-designated region, mostly concentrated in urban areas and former mining and manufacturing towns.
African American cultureAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African AmericanGreat Migration (African American)

Question 9: [11] The last of these treaties culminated in the removal of the bulk of the Cherokee population from the region via the ________ in 1838.
Cherokee removalAtlantaGeorgia (U.S. state)Trail of Tears

Question 10: Because of the isolation of the region, Appalachian people had been unable to catch up to the ________ that lowlanders have achieved.
Talcott ParsonsSociologySociocultural evolutionModernization

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