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Apostolicae Curae: Quiz


Question 1: On the charge of intent, the response argued that the readmission of the required phrases in 1662 were addressed more to the ________ rather than the Roman controversy.
ChristianityCovenant theologyPresbyterianismProtestantism

Question 2: The continuing authority of Apostolicae Curae was reinforced in the essay The Significance of the Apostolic Constitution ________ by Fr.
Continuing Anglican movementAnglicanorum CoetibusAnglicanismPersonal ordinariate

Question 3: Apostolicae Curae is the title of a papal bull, issued in 1896 by ________, declaring all Anglican ordinations to be "absolutely null and utterly void".
Pope John Paul IIPope Pius XIPope Paul VIPope Leo XIII

Question 4: When the reconciliation of the Church of England with the Holy See took place in the reign of Queen Mary, ________ sent Reginald Cardinal Pole as Legate to England with powers to meet the case.
Pope Clement VIIPope Paul IVPope Julius IIIPope Paul III

Question 5: A few Roman Catholic writers thought that there was at least room for doubt and joined with them in seeking a fresh inquiry into the question and an authoritative judgment from ________.
Pope Leo XIIIPope Pius XIPope John Paul IIPope Paul VI

Question 6: The pope went on to state that the Anglican ordinal had included what he felt were the errors of the ________.
English ReformationEcumenical councilProtestant ReformationElizabethan Religious Settlement

Question 7: The ________ as priests and bishops in the Anglican Communion has been interpreted as expressing an understanding of ordination differing from that of the Catholic Church which holds that ordination of men only is possible in the Apostolic succession.
Catholic Church doctrine on the ordination of womenOrdination of womenWomen in ChristianityOrdination of women in Protestant churches

Question 8: The practices of the ________ had supposed their invalidity.
Pope Gregory IPopePope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 9: The ________ Archbishops of Canterbury and York of the Church of England responded to the papal charges with the encyclical Saepius Officio in 1897.
AnglicanismEcumenical councilCatholicismEpiscopal Church (United States)

Question 10: The principal objection to Anglican orders being valid, according to Leo XIII, was the alleged deficiency of intention and of form of the Anglican ________ rites.


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