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Question 1: In Acts 14:14, ________ is referred to as an apostle.
Jude the ApostleSaint PeterBarnabasJames the Just

Question 2: The myrrh-bearing women, especially ________, who went to anoint Christ's body and first learned of his resurrection, are sometimes called the "apostles to the apostles" because they were sent by Jesus to tell the apostles of his resurrection.
Mary MagdaleneSaint PeterMarthaNew Testament

Question 3: Apostle of the ________: Saint Evermode, d.1178
Slavic peoplesWendsPomerania during the Early Middle AgesOstsiedlung

Question 4: Apostle to the ________: Saint Innocent, 1797–1879
Americas (terminology)North AmericaAmericasSouth America

Question 5: However, he was not called or appointed 'apostle' by the resurrected Jesus himself during his ________ vision.
Biblical canonConversion of PaulBibleNew Testament

Question 6: Regardless, Simon and Andrew's abandonment of what were effectively their most important worldly possessions was taken as a model by later Christian ________.

Question 7: Their carrying of just a staff (Matthew and Luke say not even a staff) is sometimes given as the reason for the use by Christian ________ of a staff of office, in those denominations that believe they maintain an apostolic succession.

Question 8: Paul of Tarsus, in his ________, appears to give the first historical reference to the Twelve Apostles:
First Epistle to the CorinthiansEpistle to the EphesiansSecond Epistle to the CorinthiansNew Testament

Question 9: Apostle to the Goths: Bishop Ulfilas (________)
FranksArianismGothic ChristianityGermanic Christianity

Question 10: The ________ believes also in the current existence of modern day apostles.
AnglicanismChristianityNew Apostolic ChurchCatholicism


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