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Question 1: Ubayd-Allah ibn Jahsh converted to ________ and Muhammad also left him unharmed.
Christian denominationChristianityEcumenismBaptist

Question 2: Today apostasy is punishable by death in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Qatar, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, ________ and Mauritania.
AfghanistanNon-Aligned MovementNATOCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 3: [30] An example is the stabbing of a Bangladeshi Murtad Fitri Christian evangelist while returning home from a film version of the ________.
Gospel of LukeGospel of MarkGospel of MatthewGospel of John

Question 4: He was released and left the country to find refuge in ________.

Question 5: In the 20th Century, Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi defended traditional views on apostasy against the idea of ________ in Islam.
Religious tolerationFreedom of religionChristianityState religion

Question 6: Sharia is also used in Sudan, Libya,________, and Somalia.
AfghanistanNATONon-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 7: The punishments include amputation of one/both hand(s) for theft, stoning for ________, and execution for apostasy.

Question 8: He then discusses the difference between a kafir, a ________, and the appropriateness of death for them if they apostatize after conversion, and for those born of Muslim parents he states:
Islamic terrorismDhimmiIslamismIslam and antisemitism

Question 9: Vigilantes have killed, beaten, and threatened converts in Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, Turkey, Nigeria, ________, Somalia, and Kenya.

Question 10: Saudi Arabia and ________ maintain religious courts for all aspects of jurisprudence, and religious police assert social compliance.
IranIraqIran–Iraq WarAzerbaijan

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