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Apoptosis: Quiz


Question 1: The apoptosome cleaves the pro-caspase to its active form of ________, which in turn activates the effector caspase-3.
Caspase-9Caspase 8Caspase 2Caspase 3

Question 2: In ________ flies, steroid hormones regulate cell death.
Drosophila melanogasterDrosophilaMaizeModel organism

Question 3: [9] This control mechanism is part of the ________ required by living organisms to maintain their internal states within certain limits.
Computational neuroscienceHomeostasisCyberneticsClaude Bernard

Question 4: The adenovirus E1B-55K protein and the ________ HBx protein are examples of viral proteins that can perform such a function.
Herpes simplex virusRotavirusHepatitis B virusInfluenza

Question 5: ________ in plants has a number of molecular similarities to animal apoptosis, but it also has differences, notably the presence of a cell wall and the lack of an immune system which removes the pieces of the dead cell.
FertilisationDevelopmental biologyProgrammed cell deathEmbryo

Question 6: These give a characteristic "laddered" appearance on ________ gel after electrophoresis.
AgarGrowth mediumFungusSeaweed

Question 7: XIAPs bind to the processed form of caspase-9, and suppress the activity of apoptotic activator ________, therefore overexpression leads to a decrease in the amount of pro-apoptotic agonists.
Caspase 8Caspase 3BH3 interacting domain death agonistCytochrome c

Question 8: [39] p53 prevents the cell from replicating by stopping the ________ at G1, or interphase, to give the cell time to repair, however it will induce apoptosis if damage is extensive and repair efforts fail.
CyclinCDKN1BCyclin-dependent kinaseCell cycle

Question 9: This interference in the apoptotic capability of the cell plays a role in the development of ________.
Ovarian cancerCervical intraepithelial neoplasiaSquamous cell carcinomaCervical cancer

Question 10: Unlike ________, cellular death caused by injury, apoptosis results in cell shrinkage and fragmentation.


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