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Apollo Command/Service Module: Quiz


Question 1: The mission commander’s panel (left side) included the velocity, attitude, and ________ indicators, the primary flight controls, and the main FDAI (Flight Director Attitude Indicator).
Atmospheric pressureAltitudeAltimeterSea level

Question 2: ________ equipment mass: 440 pounds (200 kg)

Question 3: It was built for ________ by North American Aviation.
Space RaceSpace explorationNASAHuman spaceflight

Question 4: The Command/Service Module (CSM) was one of two spacecraft that were utilized for the United States ________, along with the Lunar Module, to land astronauts on the Moon.
NASAApollo programSpace RaceSpace Shuttle

Question 5: This mission, designated AS-204 but named ________ by its flight crew, was planned for launch on February 21, 1967.
Apollo 7Apollo 1Apollo Command/Service ModuleApollo program

Question 6: Block II incorporated a revised CM heat shield design, which was tested on the unmanned Apollo 4 and Apollo 6 flights, so the first all-up Block II spacecraft flew on the first manned mission, ________.
Apollo 7Apollo programApollo 1Apollo 14

Question 7: After the conclusion of the Apollo program, the CSM saw service as a ferry for the Skylab program and for the ________ where a CSM rendezvoused in orbit with a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft.
Soyuz programmeSoyuz-TMAApollo–Soyuz Test ProjectSoyuz 1

Question 8: The inner pressure vessel housed the crew accommodations, equipment bays, controls and displays, and many ________ systems.
Space RaceSpacecraftSpace explorationSpace Shuttle


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