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Apollo 13 (film): Quiz


Question 1:
Who did the music for Apollo 13 (film)?

Question 2:
In US dollars, what was the budget of Apollo 13 (film)?
$2,300,000 US
250,000 C$
u00A31 - 1.5 million
US $52 million

Question 3:
Who of the following starred in Apollo 13 (film)?

Question 4: [5] The spacecraft interiors were constructed by the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center's Space Works, who also restored the actual ________ Command Module.
Apollo 13Apollo 11Apollo programApollo 8

Question 5:
Where does Apollo 13 (film) come from?
United States
Czech Republic

Question 6:
Who wrote Apollo 13 (film)?

Question 7: ________ as Fred Haise - The Lunar Module pilot of the mission.
Aliens (film)Martini RanchBill PaxtonJames Cameron

Question 8:
What type is thing is Apollo 13 (film)?

Question 9:

Question 10:
Who of the following was a direct of Apollo 13 (film)?


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