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Apocryphon of James: Quiz


Question 1: To many scholars, the flavor of the sayings appears somewhat ________ in tone, primarily because its doctrines do not accord with orthodox interpretation of canonical scripture.

Question 2: Because of references to persecution and martyrdom, it is unlikely that the text was written after 313, when ________ ended Christian persecution.
MaximianMaxentiusDiocletianConstantine I

Question 3: (As with ________ 1-20 and the Gospel of Mary, in this book Peter has implicitly failed the Christian movement).
Gospel of JohnGospel of MatthewNew TestamentGospel of Mark

Question 4: It describes the secret teachings of ________ to Peter and James, given after the Resurrection but before the Ascension.
JesusNew TestamentGospelNew Testament view on Jesus' life

Question 5: The text is framed as an ________ (i.e.
Liturgical bookGospel (liturgy)PsalmsEpistle

Question 6: But its introduction says, "And five hundred and fifty days after he arose from the dead, we said to him: ...", which is considerably longer than the forty days which Luke's ________ gives for the Ascension.
New TestamentGospelAuthors of the BibleActs of the Apostles

Question 7: The text survives in a single, damaged manuscript as the second section of the Jung Codex, first of the thirteen codices in the ________.
GnosticismGnostic textsNag Hammadi libraryGnosticism and the New Testament

Question 8: The Apocryphon of James, also known by the translation of its title - the Secret Book of James, is a pseudonymous text amongst the ________.
BibleNew Testament apocryphaChristian biblical canonsBiblical canon


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