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Question 1: For a list of similar apocopations in the English language, see ________.
MinnesotaList of English apocopationsMethamphetamineCocaine

Question 2: In Spanish some ________, cardinal and ordinal numbers have apocopations as well.
AdverbDemonstrativeArticle (grammar)Infinitive

Question 3: In ________, apocope (pronounced /əˈpɒkəpiː/, from the Greek apokoptein "cutting off", from apo- "away from" and koptein "to cut") is the loss of one or more sounds from the end of a word, and especially the loss of an unstressed vowel.
Irish phonologyJapanese phonologyEnglish phonologyPhonology

Question 4: In the ________ and Sami languages, apocopes help explain the forms of grammatical cases.
Finnish languageHungarian languageVotic languageEstonian language

Question 5: In Spanish and Italian, for example, some ________ that come before the noun lose the final vowel or syllable when they precede a noun (mainly) in the masculine singular form.
AdjectiveAdverbVerbPreposition and postposition


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