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Apocatastasis: Quiz


Question 1: The nation becomes a ________ but the 4th king causes a civil war that splits the nation in two.
CoronationConstitutional monarchyCrown jewelsMonarchy

Question 2: ________ discussed it without reaching a decision.
John ChrysostomAthanasius of AlexandriaGregory of NazianzusBasil of Caesarea

Question 3: Abraham is chosen out of all the people of ________ and promised a Land and a Nation.

Question 4: The view was also held by Gregory of Nyssa and possibly the Ambrosiaster, attributed to ________.
Francis de SalesHistory of the Catholic ChurchAmbrosePope John Paul II

Question 5: In Christianity, apocatastasis is the doctrine of the ultimate reconciliation of good and ________ forces.
Jewish philosophyPhilosophyEvilChristian philosophy

Question 6: Apocatastasis maintains that all mortal creatures – angels, humans and devils – will eventually come to a harmony in ________'s kingdom, the evil ones through repentance and rejection of evil.

Question 7: A form of this teaching was also taught by Herbert W. Armstrong and is a tenet of ________, teaching that God will raise the dead and later call everyone who was not called in this age and that nearly everyone will ultimately accept that calling.
JesusGrace Communion InternationalChristianityArmstrongism

Question 8: [6][7] The gnostic ________ 180-350c contains the term itself and in other sayings expresses the idea that all comes from a common, eternal source: "Of what a nature is the resurrection!
New TestamentGnosticismGospel of JohnGospel of Philip

Question 9: ________'s other teachings about the possibility of glorified man falling again also played a role in that condemnation.
OrigenEarly ChristianityChurch FathersJerome

Question 10: A related belief is ________, which is the doctrine that all human beings will be saved from eternal damnation or annihilation in hell.
UniversalismChristian UniversalismUniversal reconciliationUnitarian Universalism


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