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Question 1: The earliest mention of a Serapis is in the authentic death scene of Alexander, from the royal diaries (________, Anabasis, VII.
ArrianAlexander the GreatHerodotusPlutarch

Question 2: Khamuis, the priestly son of ________ (c.
Seti IRamesses IIAkhenatenAhmose I

Question 3: Alexander had attempted to use ________ for this purpose, but he was more prominent in Upper Egypt, which was not so popular with those in Lower Egypt, where the Greeks had stronger influence.
OsirisAncient Egyptian religionAmunEgyptian pantheon

Question 4: Here, Serapis has a temple at ________, and is of such importance that he alone is named as being consulted on behalf of the dying king.
BabylonAkkadian EmpireBabyloniaMesopotamia

Question 5: According to Plutarch, Ptolemy stole the statue from Sinope, having been instructed in a dream by the unknown god, to bring the statue to ________, where the statue was pronounced to be Serapis by two religious experts.
Alexander the GreatAlexandriaAncient GreeceGreece

Question 6: It is therefore remarkable that the priests contrived to bury one of the animals in the fourth year of ________.
Cambyses IIAchaemenid EmpireCyrus the GreatAncient Egypt

Question 7: At the temple, Apis was used as an ________, his movements being interpreted as prophecies.

Question 8: The cult survived until 385 AD, when Christians destroyed the Serapeum of Alexandria, and subsequently the cult was forbidden by the ________.
Valentinian IIDiocletianConstantine ITheodosius I

Question 9: It was required to have a white ________ upon its forehead, a white vulture wing outline on its back, a scarab mark under its tongue, a white crescent moon shape on its right flank, and double hairs on its tail.

Question 10: In ________, Apis or Hapis (alternatively spelt Hapi-ankh), was a bull-deity worshipped in the Memphis region.
ReligionSyncretismPrehistoric religionAncient Egyptian religion

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