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Aphasia: Quiz


Question 1: Hence there is a module which recognises ________ as they are spoken and a module which stores formulated phonemes before they are spoken.
English orthographyPhonemePhonologyInternational Phonetic Alphabet

Question 2: However, the term dysphasia is easily confused with ________, a swallowing disorder, and thus aphasia has come to mean both partial and total language impairment in common use.
Oropharyngeal dysphagiaDysphagiaDiarrheaVomiting

Question 3: [citation needed] Aphasia is also listed as a rare side effect of the ________ patch, an opioid used to control chronic pain.

Question 4: Aphasia may also develop slowly, as in the case of a ________ or progressive neurological disease, e.g., Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.
Malignant brain tumorNervous system neoplasmICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsBrain tumor

Question 5: These areas are almost always located in the ________, and in most people this is where the ability to produce and comprehend language is found.
Broca's areaLateralization of brain functionCerebral hemisphereHuman brain

Question 6: [3] An important difference between ACA and developmental childhood aphasia is that in the latter there is no apparent ________ basis for the language deficit.

Question 7: Examples of fluent aphasias are: Wernicke's aphasia, Transcortical sensory aphasia, ________, Anomic aphasia
DyslexiaConduction aphasiaReceptive aphasiaExpressive aphasia

Question 8: However, many authors report a marked decrease in the use of all ________.

Question 9: The most prominent writers on this topic have been Harold Goodglass and ________.
Edith KaplanNeuropsychological testNorman GeschwindAttention

Question 10: It may also be caused by a sudden ________ event within the brain.
PurpuraGastrointestinal bleedingBleedingBruise

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